Introducing Our New Asylum Consultant

Hello!  My name is Andrew Kushner.  I recently came on board with Alexandre Law as our new Asylum Consultant.  Over ten years ago I began studying Chinese; from 2008-2012 I lived in Taipei, Taiwan, studying in an M.A. program at National Government (Cheng Chi) University.  I have also spent time on the Chinese mainland, in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an and other places.  Prior to accepting a position with Alexandre Law, I worked as an Asylum Officer at the New York Asylum Office, interviewing and adjudicating asylum cases.
I am very pleased at this opportunity to use my previous experience to help Alexandre Law’s clients as they apply for asylum in the U.S.  Applying for asylum is a serious matter and the asylum interview can be one of the most important days of someone’s life.  It is very important that applicants come to the interview adequately prepared and with suitable representation.  While serving as an asylum officer I adjudicated hundreds of asylum cases, so I understand what officers are looking for and how best to prepare for the interview.
While working as an asylum officer I saw many applicants who lacked appropriate representation; in many cases the lawyer did not even accompany them to the interview.  The quality of representation in an asylum case can definitely influence the final outcome!  I believe Felipe Alexandre is a dedicated and conscientious immigration lawyer, who is fully committed to advocating for his clients’ interests.  I’m very excited to have this chance to serve New York’s immigrant community.

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