Episode 1 – Meet our Of Counsel and Former Immigration Judge – Lory Rosenberg!

We are pleased to announce that Lory Rosenberg, Former Immigration Judge at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), has agreed to serve as Of Counsel to Alexandre Law Firm. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is truly invaluable for our team and for the clients we serve. In this episode, Lory talks about her passion for immigration law and for helping those in need, her experiences at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) as judge and Board Member, and how those experiences have shaped her and contributed to her success as an advocate and a great human being. Lory is Of Counsel to Alexandre Law Firm and is also Head of our Immigration Appeals Department. Should you or your loved ones be in the difficult position of having to challenge an adverse decision issued by immigration authorities, please do not hesitate to contact our Appellate Team so we can help you challenge that decision and preserve your right to remain in this great country.