Non-Immigrant Visas

Are you planning on getting a visa to come to the United States for a temporary visit? We can help you go through the much dreaded consular interview. Consular officers have almost unreviewable discretion when deciding whether or not to issue a visa, so preparation for these interviews is key to your success.
Are you here in the U.S. already and wish to change your status? There might be many options available to you, but it is important that you consult with an attorney to be informed of the consequences of every step you take.
For example, many who come on a tourist visa decide after arriving that they wish to prolong their stay and decide to obtain a student visa. After obtaining the student visa, they go back to their home country for a visit. When they go to the American consulate to get a new student visa to continue their studies, they are shocked to have their request for the student visa denied! This is because when they applied for the tourist visa, they never informed the consular officer of their intent to change status upon arrival. This will be interpreted by immigration officers as an “immigrant intent” and is sufficient cause for them to deny the person that student visa!
Below you will see many nonimmigrant visas that are available to those wishing to come to the United States temporarily. Each visa has its own requirements and should be followed carefully.

Call us for a consultation if you wish to learn more about your options under any one of these visas!


Athletes, amateur & professional (compete for prize money only): B-1

Au pairs (exchange visitor): J

Australian professional specialty: E-3

Border Crossing Card: Mexico: BCC

Business visitors: B-1

Crewmembers: D

Diplomats and foreign government officials: A

Domestic employees or nanny -must be accompanying a foreign national employer: B-1

Employees of a designated international organization, and NATO:   G1-G5, NATO

Exchange visitors: J

Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S.: A-2 NATO1-6

Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics: O

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professionals: Chile, Singapore: H-1B1 -Chile H-1B1 -Singapore

International cultural exchange visitors: Q

Intra-company transferees: L

Medical treatment, visitors for: B-2

Media, journalists: I

NAFTA professional workers: Mexico, Canada: TN/TD

Performing athletes, artists, entertainers: P

Physician: J , H-1B

Professor, scholar, teacher (exchange visitor): J

Religious workers: R

Specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge: H-1B

Training in a program not primarily for employment: H-3

Training in a program not primarily for employment: H-3

Students: academic, vocational: F, M

Temporary agricultural workers: H-2A

Temporary workers performing other services or labor of a temporary or seasonal nature.: H-2B

Tourism, vacation, pleasure visitors: B-2

Transiting the United States: C

Victims of Criminal Activity: U

Victims of Human Trafficking: T

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