Deportation & Removal

Few scenarios are more frightening than to face deportation from the country that has become your new home!

Here at Alexandre Law, we pride ourselves in our ability to get results for our clients even when it seems like there is nothing that can be done. The government might be trying to deport you because you don’t have the legal right to remain in this country. Or, you might be in deportation proceedings because a mistake you made resulted in a criminal conviction. Yes, even Green card holders can be and are deported! What many people do not know is that there are solutions in many of these cases.

These include:

Cancelation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents
Special relief, known as 212(c), for convictions on or before 1996
Cancelation of Removal for Non Legal Permanent Residents (aka Ten Year Green card)
Adjustment or Readjustment of Status
Waiver for criminal convictions known as a 212(h) waiver
Asylum, Withholding of Removal, or Convention Against Torture (CAT)
Prosecutorial discretion and administrative closure


In some cases, you might not be eligible for any of these forms of relief. That is where most attorneys will stop, tell you that there is nothing that can be done in your case, and suggest you apply for Voluntary Departure. However, many times there could have been constitutional and human rights abuses committed against you by immigration officials during their investigation of your case. If this happened, it is possible for us to file a Motion to Suppress the evidence gathered against you. If successful, the government WILL NOT be able to use the evidence since they obtained from you in an illegal and unconstitutional manner.

One way you can help us is not to talk to the immigration officials investigating your case. Tell them you wish to speak to your lawyer and do not change your position even in the face of threats, trickery, or coercion. Believe me, it happens often!

If they come to your house, do not open the door and ask them to slide the search warrant under the door. If it is only signed by an immigration official from the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and not a judge, then you DO NOT have to let them in. In the unlikely event that it is signed by the judge, the warrant should specifically name the persons and the objects in the house that they are searching for. If they go beyond the scope of that warrant, anything else gathered is illegal.

Many times your rights will be violated even when you tell the officers that you know your rights! They might not care and they will probably assume that you (like most vulnerable immigrants) will do nothing to assert your rights in court regarding these violations. Take careful notes of all violations that take place, such as entering without a warrant, handcuffing you without cause, searching through your personal belongings (including your body) without permission, pointing weapons at you, yelling and using offensive language, and any other behavior that does not strike you as appropriate. We will use the information to fight for suppression on your behalf. If we win, the proceedings are terminated and you are free to go home… right HERE where you live!

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