Felipe Alexandre


Office: New York, NY and Orlando, FL
Areas of Practice: Immigration, Criminal and Civil Litigation
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Haitian Creole

Attorney Felipe was awarded an Equal Justice Fellowship to participate in a new fellowship program called Public Defender Corps, which was co-sponsored by Gideon’s Promise. This fellowship trains lawyers with an eye towards shaping public defense in our country. Felipe started his legal career with the Monroe County Public Defenders Office in Rochester, New York where he handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases, including taking many of those cases to trial and obtaining favorable results for his clients. During his time in Rochester, he was trained by a national expert on how to analyze criminal convictions for purposes of eliminating or mitigating their immigration consequences for non-citizen clients. He quickly developed a passion for this new area of the law now commonly being referred to as “crimmigration”.This passion and commitment was noticed and he was subsequently offered the opportunity to help defense attorneys across the state of New York understand immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Felipe Alexandre soon after served as the director of the Criminal Defense Immigration Project at the New York State Defenders Association. He frequently assists attorneys in drafting immigration friendly dispositions to their cases, writes advisory opinions for lawyers and judges, and gives presentations to lawyers about developments in “crimmigration” law.

Felipe is a big believer in zealous litigation on behalf of his clients. Careful diplomacy should always be exercised to obtain the most favorable forms of discretion from the government but, once it is clear that the government’s sole objective is to remove the client from his family, then it’s time to enter the ring and start swinging. In every case, there is a burden that must be met by the government and Felipe takes his role very seriously as the advocate who will hold the government to that burden in order to get the best and most humane result possible for his clients.

Felipe frequently advises his foreign national clients on business immigration options and travels abroad to participate in lectures on EB5, E2, and L1 visas. He enjoys explaining the various immigration options to clients and surprising them with the availability of immigration remedies previously unknown to them. As an immigrant himself, he sees the various immigrant visas as powerful tools to help his clients achieve their version of the American dream and he has built a team equipped to handle the business immigration needs of his clients with efficiency and cultural competency. Felipe spends much of his time using his Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese language skills to assist a large caseload of business immigration clients from China and Brazil navigate the complex procedures behind EB-5, L-1, E-2 and other business and employment based visas. He pioneered the firm’s New York office where he is able to serve a substantial Chinese population and is well-positioned to serve the large influx of Chinese nationals that come to New York to explore immigration options.

Felipe is an avid lover of cultures and languages. Before law school, he made a living as a certified court interpreter and frequently interprets at the annual Miss Universe Pageant (Click here if you would like to watch one of his videos). In his spare time, he enjoys attending language exchanges, watching Netflix, and making good hearted and well-meaning attempts at staying in shape.

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