EB-4 Visa: The Path for Religious Leaders in the U.S.

The EB-4 visa is a valuable instrument for foreign religious leaders wishing to play a vital role in U.S. communities. Designed to provide an opportunity for permanent immigration, this visa recognizes the importance of religious service and contribution to American society.

Profile of Those Eligible for the EB-4 Visa:

Recognized Religious Leaders:

Priests, pastors, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders with recognition and authority in their traditions.

Requires evidence of significant achievements and positive impact on communities.

Active Participation in Religious Activities:

Candidates must be actively involved in religious activities such as celebrations, spiritual guidance, and community services.

Notable contributions to promoting the principles and values of religion are valued.

Job Offer from a U.S. Religious Entity:

An essential requirement is a job offer from a religious entity in the United States.

The church, temple, synagogue, or mosque must sponsor the religious leader.

International Experience and Recognition:

Having a well-established track record of international experience and recognition in the religious field is an advantage.

If you are a religious leader with a mission to serve in the U.S. and have an invitation from an American institution, contact us now; EB-4 could be the key to fulfilling this calling. Trust in the experience of Alexandre Law Firm to guide you on this immigration journey.

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