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Green Cards for Skilled Immigrants

we are ready to make your dream of living legally in the United States come true

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Asylum, Refugee and Deportation Defense Processes

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About Alexandre Law Firm

Our legal team is led by Dr. Felipe Alexandre, one of the top ten immigration attorneys in NY and California

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We offer the best legal advice for living and working legally in the USA

Alexandre Law Firm is a traditional immigration law firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York. More than dealing with legal processes, our main mission is to help our clients make the dreams of their lives come true, and in order to do that, our team develops a customized strategy for each case, taking into account the best options in immigration to the United States.

Alexandre Law Firm is ready to help you make your American dream come true, whether it is to assist you in your immigration process (green card) related to family, career, employment, investments, asylum, refugee status, or even in applications for visas to work temporarily, study or just visit the USA.

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Green Card

Temporary Visas


American citizenship


Deportation and Removal

Appeal and Waiver

Felipe Alexandre

Learn about the trajectory of one of the most renowned attorneys, who is considered a reference in immigration law in the United States

Alexandre Law Firm was founded by Dr. Felipe Alexandre, who has been considered for several years one of the best immigration attorneys in New York and California, and a reference in immigration law for those who intend not only to live but also to work legally in the country that offers the best opportunities in the world.

Dr. Felipe Alexandre was born in Brazil and soon moved to the United States with his family when he became an American citizen. Coming from an immigrant family, he has devoted his career to the foreign community that seeks to live legally in the United States. His experience and vast knowledge about U.S. visas make him able to deal with all types of immigration processes.

Over the years, Dr. Felipe has held important positions, including immigration interpreter, consultant to the Monroe Public Defender’s Office in New York, and immigration law specialist, where he was in charge of teaching hundreds of lawyers to better understand the complex U.S. immigration laws.

Dr. Felipe Alexandre is a renowned attorney and collects awards, and in 2020, for the fourth consecutive year, he received the “Attorney Client Satisfaction” award from the “American Institute of Legal Counsel”. He is considered one of the top 10 immigration attorneys in New York and has received top marks from AVVO, an association that ranks American lawyers according to their clients’ evaluations.

Dr. Felipe Alexandre was also recognized by Super Lawyers (Thomas Reuters) as a reference in the field of US immigration law, an honor that only 2.5% of all lawyers in the country receive. He is also an active member of the US Immigration Lawyers Association – AILA.

Dr. Felipe Alexandre graduated in Law from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He is licensed in New York and is authorized to practice immigration law throughout the United States. 

A polyglot, Dr. Felipe Alexandre speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and Mandarin.


In our initial legal consultation, we will listen to what you have to say and explain how we can help with our experience in U.S. immigration processes and benefits.

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